Who We Are

We advance learning and discovery through storytelling that profoundly touches people's lives. We bring the world to Hawaii and Hawaii to the world.


Five Years from Now

  • We have amplified our mission to form and connect with new communities
  • We tell many more powerful stories
  • We remain a trusted source of information
  • We are anyplace, everyplace, all the time
  • We are a venue for community conversations
  • We offer a physical and virtual gathering place for the community
  • We are in a new "green" building that we own
  • We have a plan for financial sustainability


How We Got There

  • By doing local programming that resonates with more communities
  • With production that has a better look, a stronger feel and interactive elements
  • By extending our presence through “go anywhere” media
  • By improving our website for easier navigation and more interactivity
  • By diversifying and deepening our program offerings
  • Through our progressive educational initiatives

This document was distilled from points of convergence emerging from Staff, Board and Community Advisory Committee retreats held between January 24, 2012 and February 7, 2012.


Potential Strategic Investments

  • Staff training for new skill sets
  • Additional contract jobs and fulltime positions
    • Digital media
    • Business support
    • Volunteer coordination
    • Tech infrastructure
    • Live remote capabilities
    • Enhanced planned giving
    • More partnerships to further our mission



  • Attitudinal resistance to change
  • Economic weakness and threats to income streams
  • Determining the right digital technologies



  • Strong partnerships around local interests
  • HIKI NŌ momentum
  • Live events
  • New building as a gathering place
Strategic Plan

Our Values

In this most ethnically and culturally diverse state in the union, we at PBS Hawaii are committed to upholding Hawaii’s universal values including:


Pono—seek rightness and balance

‘Imi Na‘auao—seek knowledge and wisdom

Aloha Kekahi I Kekahi—respect the dignity of others

Kūlia I Ka Nu‘u—strive for excellence

Kuleana—accept responsibility for the collective good

Lōkahi—promote collaboration and unity 

Mālama—protect and care for