Robert and Roland Cazimero have enjoyed a music career spanning almost four decades as The Brothers Cazimero. This month, the Hawaiian music duo makes its PBS Hawaii performance debut in Na Mele: Pure Caz which premieres Thursday, February 21 at 8:00 pm and will be LIVESTREAMED on The live pledge broadcast will support the station's NEW HOME Campaign.

Na Mele: Pure Caz

The Brothers Cazimero perform their definitive collection of music in PBS Hawaii's studio. This no-frills performance presents the songs Robert and Roland Cazimero would want future audiences to find in their time capsule.

Pure Caz (image)

The Definitive Collection - Na Mele: Pure Caz

Robert and Roland perform* their own compositions in PBS Hawaii's Na Mele: Pure Caz, along with other songs that define the music of The Brothers Cazimero:

The Island Song - Ron Smith; No'eno'e Maika'i Ke Aloha - Robert and Roland Cazimero;These Hidden Valleys - Robert and Roland Cazimero; Ka'ena - Samuel K. Halstead; Pua Hone - Rev. Dennis Kamakahi; Nani Ka'ala - Traditional; Destiny - Roland Cazimero; One Small Favor - Robert and Roland Cazimero; He Mana'o Aloha - Robert Cazimero; The Warmth of Our Love - Roland Cazimero; Follow Me - Roland Cazimero; He'eia - J. Kalahiki; Home in the Islands - Henry Kapono

* Hula performances by Sky Gora

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Located along the well-traveled Nimitz Highway corridor, a two-story, energy-efficient building at 315 Sand Island Access Road will emerge as PBS Hawaii's new home.

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On the outside, native Hawaiian plants and flowers filling in the lush landscape surrounding the facility will serve as living testaments of our island culture.

On the inside, the day-to-day activity of Hawaii's only public television station will flourish - in broadcast production studios and an innovation media center, at editing bays and collaborative work stations.

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