Hawaii's only public television station is in urgent need of a new home.

PBS Hawaii has been placed on a short-term lease at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. The University needs the building we've occupied for four decades to house its own expanded programs. At the same time, PBS Hawaii has outgrown the rented space. Initiatives like HIKI N?, our statewide student news network; a greater emphasis on local broadcast productions; and the push to be an early adopter of newer, more innovative technologies make it clear that we need a new home of our own.


As a result of an exhaustive search for a new home, PBS Hawaii found a choice property to use as a television broadcast facility - the former site of KHNL/KFVE's Newsplex at the corner of Nimitz Highway and Sand Island Access Road. The PBS Hawaii Board of Directors judiciously set aside money for years for such an opportunity and the reserve fund was used to make the land purchase.

PBS Hawaii's new home will give us permanent roots in the community that allow us to continue our mission of advancing learning and discovery through storytelling, civil discourse and nurturing a new educational community. We are already more than halfway towards our $30 million fundraising goal.

Please consider making a tax-deductible gift to the NEW HOME Campaign and help make PBS Hawaii's new home a reality.

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Located along the well-traveled Nimitz Highway corridor, a two-story, energy-efficient building at 315 Sand Island Access Road will emerge as PBS Hawaii's new home.

On the outside, native Hawaiian plants and flowers filling in the lush landscape surrounding the facility will serve as living testaments of our island culture.

On the inside, the day-to-day activity of Hawaii's only public television station will flourish - in broadcast production studios and an innovation media center, at editing bays and collaborative work stations.


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